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Do you even Halo or random thoughts of the Day

Nowadays when I play Slayer, I often get frustrated. The map rotation is at it’s worst it seems. My all time favorite map Plaza never comes up. NEVER! It’s like 343 knows that I like this map and wants to punish me for something I did. I always end up playing on Mercy. This map comes up every time I start Slayer. I hate Mercy.

Lord have Mercy.

My boyfriend and I also checked out the Weapon Tuning Test. I couldn’t get a kill. It seems like the BR is now 5 shots? I didn’t look it up so far. Maybe I should now…

Ok, I just checked. Well, 343 feels that some of the weapons in Halo 5 are not balanced or rather overpowered and don’t play the role they were supposed to play. I only cross-read it, but it seems that every weapon (12 are affected by this) is being made harder to use. Only the Active Camo will be enhanced in some way. You can read all of it here.

The testing will end on October 2 and in early November we will have a bigger update with the new and improved? weapons. I am very sceptical but we will see.

September you can come – Anvil’s Legacy Update

September is going to be a great Halo month. Not only is Forge coming to Windows 10 PCs, but we also get the Anvil’s Legacy content update. That is going to be the 9th free update 343 is releasing. Which is pretty sweet. I also think that this update is the first one that we didn’t know of before. The last and biggest update was the Warzone Firefight one at the end of July.

The coolest thing to me is the Haven Remake map called Mercy. Have a look at some gameplay on it here:

Don’t you think it looks amazing? I think so! I loved Haven on Halo 4. Such a well made map. The remake is set on Sanghelios as you can very well see with the aesthetics. You have the Steampunk-ish optics, with a water stream and a fountain in the basement. And the huge claws/hands that are holding a slipspace portal kind of a thing, god, it just looks amazing.

The Warzone map Temple looks really good as well. But…wait a minute! What the actual fuck? Is this a Hunters Fuel Rod Cannon I just saw? Damn right it is. OMG, that is the coolest thing. I can’t wait to try it out.

Next to all the good stuff already revealed, Halo lore fans should mark their calendars on September 6th. 343’s ‚Mythos: A Guide to the Story of Halo‘ will be released on that date.


And on September 20th another long awaited lore book will release. Halo: Fractures features several short stories from authors such as Troy Denning or Joseph Staten.

September please come! And bring some cold with you. It’s so hot here in Germany 🙂