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Girls Love Halo Interview with Maria

It has been too long since the last Girls Love Halo Interview. That is for sure. But now we are back in the game with an absolute die hard Halo fan. Maria aka The Lone Gun Girl was so kind as to answer the usual 10 questions. I have been following her for a long time now and I am always full of joy to see new items in her collection. Her carefully arranged pictures are a must see. Enjoy!

Maria Interview Fotu 2

1. When did you start playing Halo?

Even when I first played Combat Evolved in 2002 along with my cousins I never felt any interest in the franchise until 2012 when a guy that I used to date told me about its story.

I’m a Sci-Fi fan since Kinder Garden days, so it was love at first sight between Halo and me when I first read about the Halo Array, the Forerunners, the Spartans and even the Flood, lol.

I like to say that I’m a Halo fan since 2012.

2. If you could choose to be one character of the Halo universe, who would you be?

No doubt I choose Catherine Halsey.

After reading the Kilo Five Trilogy I found out I feel strongly connected to the character in ways I never experienced before with any other character from any other franchise, that’s saying a lot.

But don’t be scared I’m not going to kidnap children to turn them into soldiers, lol.

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The Halo Community – Instagram accounts

When I planned this article I thought it would be the easiest thing ever. I’m actively involved in the Halo Instagram community since early 2013. So naturally I thought ‚hey, that’ll be easy‘.

Ummm, nope. There are so many Halo accounts nowadays, I only know half of them I guess. So how can I give an objective opinion on who should be mentioned here? I can’t and I won’t. I didn’t do it with the podcasts and I won’t do it with Instagram. This is my blog and my opinion. Subjective.

So here are my favorite Halo blogs:

The Halo Diaries – This girl has humor. I have been following her since forever and I always find myself laughing at her funny posts. She is a huge Halo fan and has quite a lot of figures which she arranges in awesome pictures. Please go follow.

She Wolf – Another girl…yes another talented girl. She Wolf is probably one of the best screenshot artists I know. She has such an eye for beauty and I highly recommend to follow her.

Halo Classics – A swedish screenshot artist who has way too few followers in my opinion. He does Halo screenshots, but also posts other gaming related stuff.

Halo Highlights – Brandon has quite a big account and he deserves it. You’ll find beautiful arranged screenshots and other Halo content.

Lady Vanquish – Kristen is a professional Halo player and features amazing gameplay. You will get jealous I promise.

Halo Scotland – Scottish gentleman and amazing screenshot artist.

Halo Drawing – As the name may hint, here you can find beautiful Halo drawings.

Vicapx – Fellow german girl and very talented artist.

Exiled Regiment – Another awesome screenshot account.

FY117 – She knows Halo. She just knows. Loyal Halo fan who loves Halo lore.

Kitkatgoose – Kaitlin is a beautiful cosplayer. So cute.

Tico – Amazing screenshot artist.

Strandy 42 – Megabloks Enthusiast and photographer.

Rlydrawing – Draws the most beautiful Halo stuff.

The Halo World – General Halo content. Been following for ages and I know why.

Spartan Jess – Halo fanatic. Loves Halo lore, collecting Halo stuff and is a passionate gamer. I’ve known her forever.

Ashli – Another woman who knows how to play. She is sooooo good at Halo it’s amazing! Super friendly person as well.


My dear friends and fellow Fotus Mafia clan members. (Not only Halo content):

Vexing Lotus – Lily posts what Lily wants. And she is amazing. Just recently I decided to quit our screenshot account Our love 4 Halo. We were doing it for 3 years but I lost my enthusiasm and decided to only concentrate on my Girls love Halo account. So yeah, now Lily made our account into her own personal gaming account and I highly recommend you to follow her.

Forerunner Omega – Sal is a very talented artist. He does screenshots, custom Halo figures, toy photography and more.

The Halo Turtle – Katie features a variety of content from Gameplay to screenshots.

Msg.Lizzard – Liz is a badass cosplayer.

Stormy – Super sweet person. Cosplayer and other Halo content.


I hope I didn’t forget anyone. And remember this is only my opinion.

Since I am doing IG since 2013, I naturally picked the accounts that started with me, that I know for a long time. I have to admit that I don’t know many of the newer accounts. I just don’t spent as much time on IG anymore as I used to.

Regardless, I hope you found some inspiration on who to follow on Instagram and I will continue the Halo community series with cosplayers.