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HWC – Impressions from the EMEA Qualifiers in Cologne

This past weekend my hometown Cologne was not only the place for weird dressed up people who listened to terrible music, no, it was also the place where the best Halo teams from Europe, the middle East and Africa battled for a spot in the Halo World Championship finals in America. Halo 5 was played in a 4v4 competition.


12 Teams were invited. 4 Teams from the UK, 2 from Germany, 4 from France and 1 Team from South Africa. They played Slayer, CTF and Strongholds with best of 5 in the quarterfinals and best of 7 in the semifinals.




The winning Team was Infused from the UK. Second place went to excel eSports also from the UK. Third place was taken by another UK Team, Epsilon eSports and the fourth place went to Fab Games eSports from Germany. Yay!


I was there with my daughter and my boyfriend which was quite exciting. My daughter wasn’t very interested in any of the shenanigans though. The ESL Studios in Cologne are quite big compared to the one in L.A. and the atmosphere was very chilled. I saw a lot of friendly faces. Goldenboy and Bravo were there moderating as per usual. I must say I’m always amazed how well they do it.



On March 19-20 the Halo World Championship finals will take place. Until then there are still some battles to fight. Next up is Latin America on February 13-14 (with 8 teams battling for 1 spot) and then North America on February 19-21 (with 16 teams battling for 8 spots). I am excited to see who will make it. Btw, the prize pool of 2 million dollars is partly crowdfunded. 343 had 1 million and then decided to add most of the income from the purchase of REQ packs to that. On Waypoint it says: Still growing…so if you want to help out some poor Halo playing teenager, buy a REQ pack 🙂