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Equality – What Halo is doing right

Even in 2015 the debate about equality between men and women is not finished. While there have been changes for the better, we are still facing the reality of women being treated differently.

As a grown woman with a fair share of disappointing and hurtful experiences on this matter, I am all for women empowerment. But what does it mean? It means that females should be encouraged to be self-confident and brave. It also means that females should be paid the same as males when doing the same job. Females should be encouraged to build a career and occupy high positions. Females should not be objectified by men, they should not be faced with oppression and/or sexual harassment.

From an early age on, little girls should be encouraged to develop demanding and fulfilling life goals. And they should grow up in a world where men and women are equal. Not the same, but equal.

So here is what Halo is doing right on that matter:

  • You find many brave and self-confident female characters (some would say strong but to those I recommend watching Joss Whedons speech on Equality. It is old but brilliant and should be watched by every person on earth. Here is the link: Equality Now).
  • Females occupy male-dominated positions like Scientists or AI’s. Smart and sharp. Examples: Dr. Halsey or Cortana and Iona.
  • They are Spartans and Marines/Navy. They are battle hardened and fearless. Examples: Kelly, Linda, Foehammer, Polaski, Vale, Tanaka, Miranda Keyes.
  • There is no differentiation and no highlighting the fact that women fight or are in a higher up position. It’s natural and the way it is.
  • It is not about the looks of women in the Halo Universe. They are described/shown in a ‚matter of fact‘ way. And just like the men. There is no sexy connotation when Cortana is described in the books or when you see Linda and Kelly in Halo 5: Guardians.
  • The core of the Halo story is that of a man and a woman (Yes Cortana is an AI but a female one). He is a super soldier and fulfills every cliche in the book. But Cortana is not the weak and helpless girl that he has to save. That would be the other cliche. She is there to help John as a companion. And, in the end, they both help each other, they both depend on each other. They are a team.

What I like most about the issue of Equality in Halo is, that there is no issue. It is so wonderfully unimportant. Women and Men are equal in the Halo Universe and I wish for our world to reach that state very soon.



Dr. Halsey


Miranda Keyes


Spartan Vale

Best gift ever

As I mentioned before I recently became a mom. Our daughter was born on May 27th….yes, exactly 5 months before the release of Halo 5. She’s already a Spartan at heart. It has been the most amazing thing that has happened to me. She makes us so incredibly happy it’s beyond comprehension.

You can imagine how touched I was when we received a package from Microsoft/343 with the following content:


Dwight Schrute from The Office had to function as a weight. Pardon me Mr. Schrute. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Haha, I get carried away when thinking about The Office. One of the most hilarious shows on earth. R.I.P.

Anyway back to the topic. The poster with the inscription is so wonderful. It’s one of the best quotes in Halo and I promise I won’t make a promise I can’t keep. To own something so personal and rare is just amazing. Now I can show this to my baby girl when she’s older and maybe, just maybe she’s into Halo as much as me by then.

I also got this beauty:


A signed copy of the Master Chief Collection. Whaaat! I feel so blessed. I really appreciate the gifts. As a collector this is the jackpot. Thanks 343!


Halo 3: ODST release for Xbox One in May 2015

As Bonnie Ross told us back in December, 343 is remastering the campaign of Halo 3: ODST for the Xbox One. It was meant to be an apology for the disastrous release of the Master Chief Collection and is supposed to be free for everybody who played the MCC during November 11th and December 19th.


I’m looking forward to this so much. ODST is one hell of a game with an absolutely stunning atmosphere and soundtrack. There is no concrete date yet, but it is said it’s dropping some time in May with another big update for the MCC.



Screenshots old and new – Halo 4 versus Halo: MCC

Being a screenshotter I was very disappointed by the lack of a file share on the MCC. I cannot to this day understand why 343 didn’t give the Halo community the possibility to take screenshots and upload them to your file share. That this feature wasn’t included in the beginning when all went wrong I can forgive. But now? After such a long time? Look at the difference from Halo 4 to MCC below. You have two Halo 4 screenshots and then several Halo MCC shots from Halo 2: Anniversary. There you always have the date/description thingy in the left corner. It sucks! You can crop it out or try to blur it out but honestly you shouldn’t be put in a position where you have to do that.

Halo 4 screenshots:





Halo MCC screenshots:






Of course 343 had already made it so much more difficult to take screenshots in Halo 4, before the MCC came out. I think it was during the phase when the new Halo Waypoint came out, that you suddenly had no recent screenshots in your file share anymore. The only way to find your screenshots was and still is to go to the public file share and look through a ton of screenshots from other people to find yours. If you’re lucky there aren’t a lot of others, but again! why remove something that was working perfectly fine and make it so much harder?

I’m really nervous about all this concerning Halo 5. Will 343 have a proper solution for the Halo photographer out there?

Fluke of the Narwal – A Mystery

I just recently finished playing H2A campaign in co-op with my boyfriend. Dear god that was fun! I think it has been over 6 years since I last played that game. I couldn’t even remember parts of certain levels. But that was kinda cool cause it felt like playing a new game.The cut scenes, remastered by Blur Studios, are just breathtaking. Look at the Gravemind! Woah! I was constantly delighted. And the sound of the weapons: Dang…the Sniper Rifle and I love the sound of the Brute Shot.

But now on to my main topic. On the level Outskirts I saw a poster which excited me very much:

fotu_Fluke of the Narwhal_poster1

fotu_Fluke of the Narwhal_poster2

If you remember the story behind the name of my blog you’ll see why this is so exciting. If you haven’t read it yet and have no clue what I’m talking about, go to About and check it out.

We don’t know when the band Fist of the Unicorn was founded, but we do know or must assume that SPC Van Kalletta and PVC Dimitrov were killed during the events that took place on Installation 04. That was around September 19th, 2552. The events in Halo 2 take place in the same year, shortly after the events of the book First Strike (section 1, chapter 5-11, September 22th, 2552).
My guess is Fist of the Unicorn were quite famous and were not only known on the Pillar of Autumn before it got destroyed. It appears that some unknown guys on earth founded a cover band of the Fist of the Unicorn. It’s name? Fluke of the Narwal. As you can see on the poster the gig is sold out, either meaning they had a pretty big fan base or were playing in a small venue…I think it’s the first.

So we have two bands with completely weird names. One about the fist of a magical, fictional animal, the other about the fluke of a badass, very real animal. What do they both have in common? The horn, that says: „There’s no shitting me pal. If you piss me off, I will impale you.“

What strikes me as odd is the following:

  • The correct spelling is Narwhal, not Narwal. Why the misspelling? In german Narwal would be correct by the way.
  • During my research for this article I found an entry on the bungie forums that concerns Narwhals. It seems pretty random and the author is anonymous/deleted. It was posted in 2008. 3 years before Halo CE: Anniversary (Fist of the Unicorn) came out and 6 years before Halo 2: Anniversary (Fluke of the Narwal) came out.

Here is the Link.

So did someone at 343 read this some day and thought „Oh man, we could name the cover band like that.“ But why would anyone from 343 browse the bungie forum? I mean it would make sense if you were, let’s say a former Bungie employee. If you, let’s say, had maybe had the job of content manager at Bungie back in the days. If you, let’s say, had the name of Frank O’Connor.

It makes even more sense, since Maxi, a friend of mine who was with me in L.A. at Halofest, asked Frank O’Connor about Fluke of the Narwal during an Interview. He was all professional and talked about this and that but never answered the question. So my guess is: Frank O’Connor is behind the running gag of the Unicorn and created or gave the idea to Fluke of the Narwal. I might be terribly wrong but unless Frank doesn’t state otherwise I’ll believe it.

artwork by jezkemp  (