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Pick of the Week – Amazing concept art by Amanda

I have been following this woman on Instagram for a while and she constantly manages to surprise me with her talent and creativity. Will you look at this creature she came up with? She calls it „Krer“ and it is a Needler type. I really wish that this woman would work with 343. I love her style! And she was just featured on Grim’s latest update, so maybe they have her on their radar now. Check out her work here:

Deviant Art, Instagram, and Twitter

Concept Art Mandy_Fotu



Pick of the Week – Human Cortana

The Halo 4 Cortana is in my opinion the most beautiful version. I just love her complexion. Omnine on Deviant Art gave her a human skin tone in this picture. I think she looks even more beautiful. You know when I think about it, this Halo 4 Cortana version is the best animated video game character I have seen so far. The amount of emotion and life in her face! Ahhhh, I wanna marry her.