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Giving up on collecting Halo

I have been collecting Halo merchandise for 3 years now. At first I opened up the boxes of my figures because I didn’t feel it made sense to have them sitting in their boxes. But as I got more and more figures somehow it felt wrong to open them. Especially with the rare ones. Cortana F

I am the biggest fan of the Joyride figures. And yes I know they are huge compared to the McFarlanes and now the Mattel ones. The boxes are gigantic. But that makes them so special to me. They are old school. No company would ever do figures like these any more. I am sure of it. The very first Joyride figure in our household was actually the black Master Chief from Halo CE Series 5. My bf had bought it and back then I didn’t care for collectibles at all. So I made him open it and I still regret it to this day. How could I have been so blind?

Well, I have gathered quite some items in the last 3 years and Joyride figures have always been my favorites. A couple of month ago I decided to give up collecting all Halo figures and to start focusing only on Exclusives and to complete my Joyride collection.

There is simply not enough space to fit all of it. On top of that I really like completion. I would never ever have that satisfying feeling of completion if I would continue to collect every figure.

I still have a few figures left and I really enjoy looking for them.