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Halo 6 – Tagline Reveal

The winner of the Halo Wars 2 Give Away is chosen. To be honest he was chosen a week ago but I just find the time to write this.

So, the winning tagline is:

 – John Bring Her Home – by Spartan 017 aka Eric

From all the entries I thought this was most fitting. It is short and catchy. And it refers to the heart of the story of Halo. John and Cortana. Their iconic relationship had us all in tears. And because Cortana, or whatever is left of her, needs saving, John needs to bring her home. Even if it is to say goodbye forever.

Thank you again to everybody who participated. I am closing this post with two other favorites of this contest.

– We made ‚em and we can destroy ‚em – by Halo Comedy

– The Hunt for The Betrayer – by Forerunner Omega aka Sal