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Finally! Another epic Halo Trailer.

When I saw this trailer during the microsoft press conference I had goosebumps. Finally another freaking great Halo trailer. Although it is for Halo Wars 2, a game I will probably never play, it is just beautiful. I really missed this kind of trailer. The Halo 5 trailers were all meh, except maybe the first one, where Chief is in his Poncho…wait a minute…was that ever explained? Just thought about it and I can’t remember that it was ever mentioned again. Like the TV series…but that is another topic.

The song in the trailer is from the band The White Buffalo.

My favorite Halo trailer ever must be the Starry Nights trailer from Halo 3. Oh dem feels!

I wish I lived in Russia this spring…Halo Online Beta soon available


What is the meaning of this? I’m not really sure I understand this news completely. A new Halo? Why Russia?

343 and Saber Interactive are working with Russian publisher Innova Systems on Halo Online, a free-to-play spin-off from the Halo Series, which will be exclusively playable in Russia. It’s created only for the PC and so far there are no plans to bring it to the Xbox One. The Beta will start sometime this spring.

Halo Online will run on a highly modified Halo 3 engine. There will be no single player campaign, just the multiplayer, set on a Spartan training facility aboard a secret UNSC space installation called Anvil. Btw, I love that name! So cool!

I wanna move to Russia just this spring to try this out. It sure looks very cool to me. They mixed features and maps from all Halos into one. You have lots of options to customize your armor or your weapons. The customizable weapons are the most interesting part to me. And it’s not about looks, but effectiveness and strategy.

IGN did a 12 minute feature on the news. Watch here. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Halo Online in the near future!