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Every time I say to myself  „I am only going to do…this and that“, I always end up doing something much bigger. This time I wanted to write a short article about my favorite Halo podcasts, when I came up with the idea of making it into a series where I highlight several groups of the Halo community. I am such a big fan of this community and especially now, since it has grown so much or dare I say grown again. I love to show what I like and admire, so this is what you can expect: To start this series off I will be highlighting my favorite Halo podcasts. After that you will see features of Cosplay, Blogs, Fanart, Instagram accounts and Forgers. So without further ado, let us head right into the fun.

My Halo podcast adventure started with the awesome Bryce brothers and their legendary podcast Drunken Halo. It must have been their second year of doing the show when I started to listen. Right now they are in their fifth year. The anniversary episode 150 was just released.

What can you expect? In short: Beer, Brothers and Halo. DrunkenHalo_logo

But yeah, of course there is more to this podcast. Justin and Travis are two brothers from Texas. That in itself is quite a unique characteristic. Not the Texas thing of course. Or is it? The Drunken Halo podcast has no regular release date. The Bryce brothers record a show when they are in the mood and life let’s them. What you will hear is a very personal 1-2 hours of whatever interests them. You will always hear some great music at the beginning since Justin has a pretty good taste in music. If you like Pop music you might not like that part of the show very much. During the time I have been listening to them I have gotten to know them pretty well. They share moments of their life openly and that makes this podcast so special to me. These guys are genuine. They are true to themselves and that is something I like in a person. I have cried listening to them and laughed my ass off. Most of the time during the same show. That’s just how they roll. You will hear their opinions on Halo topics, you will hear strong opinions and you will hear opinions along with explicit wording if you catch my meaning….what the hell, Fuck that shit and puffy nipples is all I am going to say here.

Sadly this is the reason why 343 has not really shown some appreciation and recognition towards Drunken Halo. The content is too explicit I guess.

Justin and Travis have gathered quite a following over the years and the Drunken Halo community is full of interesting and active Halo fans. What really made Drunken Halo more publicly known were their Halo tournaments. I can’t remember how many they have had exactly, but it has been a lot. Probably around 8 or so. They have all been a huge success and have brought many people together.

Where you can find them :

WebsiteTwitter, iTunes and Twitch.

Another amazing podcast is Podtacular. It is by far the most popular in the community and they are the ones who have been around the longest. To be precise, since June 2005! Yes, 11 years. That is quite impressive. The hosts of this weekly podcast are Dust Storm, Brent Gamer and GLewis.

What can you expect? In short: News, news and news. Podtacular_logo

When I listen to an episode of Podtacular I am always surprised on how well informed these guys are. If you want to be on top of what is new in the Halo universe, this podcast is for you. You find in-depths discussions on the latest Content updates, a thorough walk-through of the campaigns, coverage of certain community events and whatever happened newswise in that week.

What I really enjoyed were the Hunt The Truth episodes prior to the Halo 5 release. After every new episode from HTT, Podtacular recorded an episode where they talked about every detail. I was addicted.

Where you can find them:

WebsiteTwitteriTunes and Twitch.

The following podcasts I listen to every now and then and you should check them out:

Podcast Evolved – The Halo lore podcast. If you love Halo lore as much as I do, definitely check out these lovely bunch. 5 Halo fans, 1 woman is among them, talk about the lore of the Halo universe and cover some news and content updates. I want to highlight the fact that they have a woman, Krysta, on board, because it is so rare. I personally would love to listen to a Halo podcast made by women. Maybe some day…

Delta Halo podcast – The new guys from the block. Sergeant, Cat and MattyIce are the hosts of this brand new Halo podcast. Over the course of the currently 33 episodes they evolved to a Pro league Halo podcast. They cover all the relevant news of the HCS and are the only ones who stream their episodes on Youtube as well. If you love competitive Halo this is your podcast.