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Toy review: I did it! I built my Mega Bloks Forward unto Dawn.


I got my FuD as a christmas present from my boyfriend in 2013. I was beyond excited about it, since it’s one of the biggest builds Mega Bloks has to offer and of course because she’s such a majestic spaceship. Roughly 3 feet long, you need to seriously sort out a spot for display. It’s the first build in the Halo Signature Series and costs around 250 $. It has 2,877 pieces! Those come in 4 big boxes with a chart of the pieces within. Inside the boxes you have several bags with parts. What I found really annoying was the fact, that you had to open every bag in order to start your build. The parts are all mixed within the bags. That makes it extremely hard to work fluently on it. I spend so many minutes searching for one certain piece and since I couldn’t fit all the parts on my worktable I had to get up and sit, get up and sit…and so forth. Another thing I wasn’t too happy about was that the stickers don’t adhere very well. They were coming loose on the edges even while on the original sticker surface.

fotu_FuD_2 fotu_FuD_1

The other slight problem I had was to differentiate between the colors of the parts. They come in black, light grey and dark grey. You need the best lightning you can get to safely see the difference.

But! But! It’s worth it, I promise. I had a lot of fun assembling this beauty. It has a soothing nearly meditative touch to build something from scratch. I listened to the awesome Drunken Halo podcast while building it.

The figures that come along are very well made. The Chief has his cryo tube and a Battle Rifle. Cortana stands on a platform and lights up if you press her down on the platform.


Then you have an Elite with a Plasma Rifle, a Marine and a UNSC officer.



There’s a fully stocked armory inside the FuD with 5 AR’s, a Sticky Detonator, 3 Pistols, 3 SMG’s and 3 frags.


The really cool part is that you can simulate the breaking of the FuD like in the ending of Halo 3. You just have to lift the ceiling and split the ship in two, which is shown in the user manual. In the end of Halo 3 when the FuD attempts to make the jump through the slipspace portal, the Arbiter runs to the command bridge while the Chief stays aft with Cortana. As they try to make the jump, Halo’s pulse hits the portal and lets it collapse, severing the FuD in half. The Arbiter returns safely to earth, while the Chief and Cortana are cast out into unknown space.

Overall I can absolutely recommend this build to everyone who has the spare money and enjoys building stuff. It took me over 15 hours to build it and I didn’t rush it at all.