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Equality – What Halo is doing right

Even in 2015 the debate about equality between men and women is not finished. While there have been changes for the better, we are still facing the reality of women being treated differently.

As a grown woman with a fair share of disappointing and hurtful experiences on this matter, I am all for women empowerment. But what does it mean? It means that females should be encouraged to be self-confident and brave. It also means that females should be paid the same as males when doing the same job. Females should be encouraged to build a career and occupy high positions. Females should not be objectified by men, they should not be faced with oppression and/or sexual harassment.

From an early age on, little girls should be encouraged to develop demanding and fulfilling life goals. And they should grow up in a world where men and women are equal. Not the same, but equal.

So here is what Halo is doing right on that matter:

  • You find many brave and self-confident female characters (some would say strong but to those I recommend watching Joss Whedons speech on Equality. It is old but brilliant and should be watched by every person on earth. Here is the link: Equality Now).
  • Females occupy male-dominated positions like Scientists or AI’s. Smart and sharp. Examples: Dr. Halsey or Cortana and Iona.
  • They are Spartans and Marines/Navy. They are battle hardened and fearless. Examples: Kelly, Linda, Foehammer, Polaski, Vale, Tanaka, Miranda Keyes.
  • There is no differentiation and no highlighting the fact that women fight or are in a higher up position. It’s natural and the way it is.
  • It is not about the looks of women in the Halo Universe. They are described/shown in a ‚matter of fact‘ way. And just like the men. There is no sexy connotation when Cortana is described in the books or when you see Linda and Kelly in Halo 5: Guardians.
  • The core of the Halo story is that of a man and a woman (Yes Cortana is an AI but a female one). He is a super soldier and fulfills every cliche in the book. But Cortana is not the weak and helpless girl that he has to save. That would be the other cliche. She is there to help John as a companion. And, in the end, they both help each other, they both depend on each other. They are a team.

What I like most about the issue of Equality in Halo is, that there is no issue. It is so wonderfully unimportant. Women and Men are equal in the Halo Universe and I wish for our world to reach that state very soon.



Dr. Halsey


Miranda Keyes


Spartan Vale

10 things I hate about Halo 5

Where there is love, there is hate. Here goes my ‚I don’t like‘ list:

  • Campaign is too short. Some missions were ridiculously short.
  • Some action scenes are too much (for example the one from Team Osiris at the beginning, which was also in the trailer).
  • The gameplay/theatrical trailer which was launched days before the release. I hated it so much. It made Halo look like an emo-action-whatsoever. Remember the old Halo trailers? The one from Halo 3 or ODST? That was something special. I still get goose bumps when I watch them.
  • The characters look weird to me. I can’t really say why but especially Buck has a strange look to him. Maybe it is because we know the actor behind so well. To me it seems as if 343 worked too hard on them. They have over done it.
  • Arena is for 16 year old kids who have tons of time on their hands. Or I am just getting old. I can’t do nothing there. It all goes too fast.
  • The Req system. Overall I think it is ok but I wish players could work for certain pieces. Like say I wanted the ODST helmet. It would be nice to be able to work for that and not to have pure luck.
  • Too few missions with my John.
  • The Arbiter should have been more involved in the story and on screen.
  • The grunts are so cute I can’t bring myself to kill them. There is this one scene, I don’t remember the mission, where some Grunts are gathered around a pedestal and they are chanting. It sounds so freaking cute. My boyfriend ran in and killed them all and I was angry with him.
  • Cortana is back!

Cortana is on both lists, since I can’t make up my mind about her and her role in this game. She being the villain, destroying millions and millions of lifes in order to what? What is she trying to do anyway? Enforce peace? At what cost? Is it even Cortana or is she someone else imprinted with Cortanas persona? And what the hell happened to her looks? I have to admit that I am a bit in love with the Cortana from Halo 4. I think she looked perfect in this game. And now? Cortana does not only act like a bitch, she looks like one too. Pardon my english.

Well, we will all have to wait for Halo 6 to know more.

10 things I love about Halo 5

Here is a quick ’10 things I love about Halo 5′:

  • Classic Halo music is incorporated.
  • Campaign is tougher.
  • Weapon sound is amazing.
  • Forerunner weapons improved so that you actually want to use them. (esp. Boltshot and Surpressor).
  • Enemies drive Warthogs.
  • You can switch seats in the Warthog. Yes you can.
  • Covenant Dropships aka Spirits look freaking amazing! The way they open and close, omg!
  • You can gather Intel and Skulls. Love both, since I’m a huge fan of collecting.
  • Warzone. ’nough said.
  • Cortana is back!

Although I don’t like her new appearance and the fact that she is now kind of a bitch, I can’t help myself but to be happy to see her. I don’t understand what she is though or if she even is at all. I read many theories that she is in fact still dead and we merely see a ghost or memory of her. I want her to be alive again and reunited with Chief. I need them to be together. Chief needs her. It makes me almost cry to think about the way John doesn’t understand Cortanas actions; he’s so confused and hurt. And when Cortana vanishes with the Guardian and screams John….omg, it’s so sad.

Best gift ever

As I mentioned before I recently became a mom. Our daughter was born on May 27th….yes, exactly 5 months before the release of Halo 5. She’s already a Spartan at heart. It has been the most amazing thing that has happened to me. She makes us so incredibly happy it’s beyond comprehension.

You can imagine how touched I was when we received a package from Microsoft/343 with the following content:


Dwight Schrute from The Office had to function as a weight. Pardon me Mr. Schrute. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Haha, I get carried away when thinking about The Office. One of the most hilarious shows on earth. R.I.P.

Anyway back to the topic. The poster with the inscription is so wonderful. It’s one of the best quotes in Halo and I promise I won’t make a promise I can’t keep. To own something so personal and rare is just amazing. Now I can show this to my baby girl when she’s older and maybe, just maybe she’s into Halo as much as me by then.

I also got this beauty:


A signed copy of the Master Chief Collection. Whaaat! I feel so blessed. I really appreciate the gifts. As a collector this is the jackpot. Thanks 343!


Humanity: A Halo Fan Film by Robert J Merritt 

If you can’t get enough of Halo you gotta back this project on Kickstarter. This Fan Film follows the events after Halo 4 and Halo Escalations. As you all know, Master Chief lost his companion Cortana and struggles with ethical questions concerning his role as a soldier. „She said that to me once, about being a machine“.

Watch this short film where you learn more about the creators and the project and if you decide to back it, you got 24 days left: Back it here

Please spread the word in the community. I would love to see it!