I played – Wolfenstein II „The New Colossus“

I am new to Wolfenstein. I have not played any of the games and to be honest, I hadn’t really given Wolfenstein any thought before I heard/read so many good reviews about „The New Colossus“. And then Christmas came. And with it, a beautiful collectors edition of Wolfenstein „The New Colossus“ with a figure of Terror Billy aka Blazkowicz.


The Swedish developer MachineGames who also created the prequel „The New Order“ (2014) and the standalone „The Old Blood“ (2015), put out a fantastic single player experience with tons of humor and a breathtaking action-driven story. Published by Bethesda Wolfenstein „The New Colossus“ was released in October 2017 on all platforms.

The campaign follows William Blazkowicz, the main character of almost all of the Wolfenstein games and is a direct sequel to the events of „The New Order“. In this alternate history, the Nazi regime has won the war and gained control over large parts of the world. „The New Colossus“ is set in the USA where the regime and the KKK have infested the lands and try to crush the last rebellious group called the Kreisau Circle. Your enemy is the breathtakingly beautiful commander Irene Engel (I am kidding…she is hideous). Your goal is to take ahold of the Ausmerzer, Engel’s massive airship.

Boy, did I have fun with this game! Sometimes I sat there and couldn’t believe what I saw. The freak level is soooo high! If you like weird and a lot of shooting you should most def buy this game. I haven’t had so much fun with a linear single player campaign in a long time.

You start your game with a pretty tough decision that influences your game only regarding the appearance of certain characters. But the tone is set right from the start and you know that you are in for one hell of a ride. The gameplay is simple and nothing new. It’s a shooter, guys. Of course, you can decide to play the game stealthy or big bang (my style). Throughout the levels, you will find commandants that are visualized by a popping radar that indicates how far away they are. You can be sneaky and try to get to them silently or you ignore all that business and run straight in. Most of the times I at least tried to be sneaky and was caught very quickly. Then the guns were blazing and a lot of times I was dead shortly after. The weapons felt very good and there was an adequate amount of variety overall. But what really struck me was the characters and story. The story is entertaining and finds the right tone for the serious theme of the game without being disrespectful. The dialogues are extremely well written and so funny. The graphics are on point. Very colorful and pop art like. Man, I am really impressed as you can tell.

Now to an aspect, I didn’t like, although that has to do with my version of the game. In Germany, you won’t see the Hitler character the way you see him in other countries. His name is Mr. Heiler in the German version and he has no beard. Other than that he looks the same as the real Hitler. I can’t fathom why we can’t see the game and it’s characters the way it was meant to be. I mean, we know it’s supposed to be Hitler. By giving him another name (that sounds an awful lot like Hitler…) and removing his beard, you do nothing but anger the gamer. At least myself. Being German, I am offended when something like this happens. By now, every German has had it’s fair share of guilt and feeling shamed by what has happened in our history. But that’s exactly what it is: History. Stop making me feel like I can’t deal with what happened.

But ok, enough of this.

There is only one scene where you come across Hitler directly and it’s freaking amazing. I loved it and yes, I did the optional part, of course. If you have played the game, I think you know what I mean and if you are still about to play it, you’ll know when the time comes.

I will give this game a 10 out of 10. Play it if you like a good linear campaign with a really good story and beautiful character design.


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