Halo Fandom and Beyond – Sugar Gamers Interview

Hey, I am famous. There is an Interview with me on SugarGamers. In case you haven’t heard of this lovely bunch, I will tell you about them. Founded in 2009, it started with Keisha Howard, who was looking for like-minded women who shared her passion for geek culture and gaming. Now there is a whole team and a growing community.

The approach that Sugar Gamers takes to this industry sets us worlds apart from our counterparts. More importantly, we value real life interactions just as much as our online community. We work diligently to have events that make the fun of “geek” culture come alive while being surrounded by remarkable and unique individuals.

I was approached by Rebecca Rothschild aka Bonks who writes regularly for the SugarGamers website. I know her from the awesome Drunken Halo podcast where she has appeared many a time. She is a writer and narrative designer living in Chicago and overall a very impressive woman that I find inspiring. So thank you very much dear Bonks. It was a pleasure.

You can read the whole Interview here.


Quelle: Halo Fandom and Beyond with Lena Sänger – Sugar Gamers