Girls Love Halo

Here you find all the amazing Girls Love Halo Interviews. It’s 10 questions about Halo. Pretty simple.

At first, I only did the Interviews with women but just now I started the „Boys Edition“.

Note: If you are interested to be on here or you know someone who might be, please contact me. Either via the contact form on this blog or via direct message on Instagram. Thank you!

Interviews Women:

Lily – Co-founder of Ourlove4Halo and member of Fotus Mafia. Lily lives in Texas and is 26.

Jess – Die hard Halo fan. Jess lives in Pennsylvania and is 23.

Ariana – 22-year-old gamer from southern California who is in love with Halo and Mass Effect.

Nicole – Made Chief say I love you. Nicole, 21 years old, is an aspiring Game developer.

Kristen – This girl knows how to play Halo. Kristen, 25, plays in a team and loves Halo 3 the most.

Katie – Member of Fotus Mafia, loves Spicy Ketchup and not taking everything so seriously.

Maria – Overall Nerd with a beautiful Halo collection and a very strong love for Halo.

Autumn – She knows how to take the perfect screenshot and will make you jealous.

Chrysann – Car-lover, Skyrim screenshotter, and Halo Enthusiast: Love this girl!

Rebecca – Writer and creator of some good nerd stuff. Very inspiring woman.

Alex – One of the best IG accounts I know. Super funny and down-to-earth woman.

Interviews Men:

Sal – A very dear friend and talented Halo fan. He is the original Fotus guy.

Thomas – Best Scottish person I know. I know one. That is Thomas.

The Girls Love Halo Instagram account is GirlsloveHalo. Go visit and follow if you like.


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