Girls Love Halo Interview – Boys Edition with Thomas

The second Boys Edition is out. This time I asked Thomas aka Halo Scotland to answer my 10 questions. My description of Thomas? True Scotsman, you won’t understand him if you are in a party with him, makes funny noises when he is playing Halo, used to be a descend Sniper (hehehe), takes amazing Screenshots and has a special type of humor. Which I understand and like very much. We met on Instagram over four years ago. Along this Interview you will see some of Thomas favorite screenshots. Enjoy!

1.  When did you start playing Halo?

Be warned I’m awful at writing about myself, way better talking to someone but here goes. I first started playing Halo when CE first came out. Well kinda, I just held the controller while my dad played. I was only 4 years old at the time so the old motor controls weren’t up to scratch to play an fps. If I had to say when I really got into it I’d say it was half way through Halo 3’s release. Yes I missed out on Halo 2 when it came out, what of it? I was a Sony Pony at the time.

2. If you could choose to be one character of the Halo universe, who would you be?

I would have to say…. See the suicidal Marine in Halo: Reach. Yea. That guy.

Fotu_Interview_Thomas Horne_3

3. Do you have a favorite Halo quote?

„Fate had us meet as foes, but this Ring will make us brothers.“ Because the quote itself just shows how far the Chief and Thel Vadam had to go in order to save not only themselves but the galaxy from the Halo rings planned detonation.

4. What do you love most about Halo?

Now most people would say that they love the story but in all honesty I just love the screenshot community and the creativity it has birthed into the games. I started in Halo 4 because of you Lena and now 5 years later I’m happy to say I haven’t improved at all.

5. What do you hate most about Halo?


Fotu_Interview_Thomas Horne_1

6. How would you rate your skills in Halo? (1-10)

Multiplayer? Maybe around a 7 if I’m honest. Just with the release of Halo 5 and the fact it didn’t hold me like Reach or Halo 3 did and the fact I dont play it’s multiplayer very often my skill has definitely diminished.

7. What is your favorite Halo game?

Halo Reach by far. Just the grittyness and realism of the armour, not this plastic toy soldier pish that we’ve been given in Halo 5. Ohhh it infuriates me don’t get me started.

8. What do you prefer? Campaign or multiplayer?

I prefer the campaign but only in Co-op with my pal Justin. We just throw on stupid skulls that basically break the game, then on top of that we slap it on legendary and then sprinkle some hot spicy memes into the mix. It’s a blast to say the least.

Fotu_Interview_Thomas Horne_4

9. Which games besides Halo do you play?

Currently I’ve been playing a lot of For Honor. But I just recently got a Ps4 so I have lost my life to Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIV: online. Warframe still takes a place in my games rotation along side Rainbow Six Siege.

10. If you had to endure one level of any Halo game in real life, which one would it be and why?

Long Night of Solace easily. Just for the fact I could fly the Sabre fighter. Jorge sadly dying sucks, but flying the jet would be dope!

Fotu_Interview_Tomas Horne_2

Thank you Thomas!




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