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Map Rotation on Halo 5 – Plaza where are you?

I have two favorite Halo 5 Slayer maps: Plaza and Coliseum. I love both so much, but my all time favorite would be Plaza though. It plays perfectly. If I could play it that is. Somehow this particular map is hardly ever in my map rotation. Just yesterday my boyfriend and I played for maybe 2-3 hours. Guess what? Not once did we get to play on Plaza.


I miss my Plaza. Give me my Plaza.

Finally! Another epic Halo Trailer.

When I saw this trailer during the microsoft press conference I had goosebumps. Finally another freaking great Halo trailer. Although it is for Halo Wars 2, a game I will probably never play, it is just beautiful. I really missed this kind of trailer. The Halo 5 trailers were all meh, except maybe the first one, where Chief is in his Poncho…wait a minute…was that ever explained? Just thought about it and I can’t remember that it was ever mentioned again. Like the TV series…but that is another topic.

The song in the trailer is from the band The White Buffalo.

My favorite Halo trailer ever must be the Starry Nights trailer from Halo 3. Oh dem feels!

Mr. Duke Nukem don’t need no armor – Halo Easter Egg


I’m currently playing Duke Nukem Forever…yeah that is happening. I know this game came out in 2011, but it just sat on the shelve since then. Now I finally have the time and I really enjoy it! Duke is everything I don’t like in a man: He is a sexist, build like a grotesque muscle balloon, he belches incredibly disgusting, he is dumb and apparently he thinks he is better than the Chief. Enough said. But! But! Who would have thought that playing a character like him could be so much fun? This game let’s me be a macho man and it is surprisingly satisfying. I don’t know what that makes me but who cares.

The best part so far was the Halo Easter Egg. Some soldier asks Duke if he wants his green power armor before heading into the next fight. Duke says: „Power armor is for Pussys“. In front of him you see the Master Chief armor. I love that kind of stuff.