About The Name

The name of a webpage is really important since it reflects and represents what it is about. It shouldn’t be too obvious and uncreative but shouldn’t be off topic as well.

At first, I thought about naming my website like my Instagram account Girls Love Halo, but it didn’t seem fitting. I was always intrigued by small details that get overlooked easily. So when I replayed Halo: Combat Evolved on the anniversary edition, the bulletin board on the Pillar of Autumn caught my eye again. In the midst of weird and funny announcements (Have you seen my goose?) you find the poster of a band called Fist Of The Unicorn who is going to perform a special encore. Members of this band are SPC Van Kalletta on „lead guitarz“ and a replacement drummer named PVC Dimitrov.

I really like that kind of humor and the name is just so cool.

So, in the end, this is part of a running gag from 343 Industries and is referred to again in Halo 4 and 5 with the FOTUS armor that looks like a unicorn. Also, on Halo 2: Anniversary you find a poster on the level Outskirts promoting a band called Fluke of the Narwal… a cover band of Fist of the Unicorn. It just is so cool.