I am a huge Halo fan since 2002. Over the last years, I became quite involved with the Halo Universe, so much as some might call me obsessed. I myself think I am just in love with the greatest game ever created.
My journey started with Combat Evolved, which my boyfriend introduced me to. At this point, I was in no way interested in video games. As a kid, I played Tetris, Super Mario, and some point and click adventures like Indiana Jones, but it was never something I was really into. He said I should try this new game and how it was really cool and I said ok. I don’t think I gave him the controller back on this evening. From this day on, my reaction to anything new Halo-related was and is: Shut up and take my money!
I played every game besides Halo Wars, which I own, but will probably never play.
I am very sad to say that I never played the multiplayer until the end of the Reach days. I really started on Halo 4 and since then I wondered why I never tried it before.
In 2012 I got an iPhone for Christmas and learned about Instagram. At this time I only had a personal account which I spammed with my Halo content. Remember those were the days when Halo 4 was actually crowded and you could still level up. One day I was contacted by a guy who had a screenshot account. He asked if I was interested in contributing some screenshots for his project. That’s what got me started in the Screenshot Business. After a while, there were some disagreements and we split up. Shortly after that, I formed a new project with another Halo fangirl which I had met through Instagram. Our Love 4 Halo was born. Lily and I had this account for over three years and decided to quit last year. I had zero time to do screenshots, so did Lily. It was a blast while it lasted.

I also created Girls Love Halo, which is a page dedicated to all the Halo fangirls. I really don’t know how to describe this page but it’s a lot of fun: GirlsLoveHalo.

I am also a collector of Halo figures, Megabloks and other Halo related stuff like shirts and books.
I invite you to browse and read and maybe recommend my page if you like it.

And remember Cortana: Take a girl for a ride.

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