September you can come – Anvil’s Legacy Update

September is going to be a great Halo month. Not only is Forge coming to Windows 10 PCs, but we also get the Anvil’s Legacy content update. That is going to be the 9th free update 343 is releasing. Which is pretty sweet. I also think that this update is the first one that we didn’t know of before. The last and biggest update was the Warzone Firefight one at the end of July.

The coolest thing to me is the Haven Remake map called Mercy. Have a look at some gameplay on it here:

Don’t you think it looks amazing? I think so! I loved Haven on Halo 4. Such a well made map. The remake is set on Sanghelios as you can very well see with the aesthetics. You have the Steampunk-ish optics, with a water stream and a fountain in the basement. And the huge claws/hands that are holding a slipspace portal kind of a thing, god, it just looks amazing.

The Warzone map Temple looks really good as well. But…wait a minute! What the actual fuck? Is this a Hunters Fuel Rod Cannon I just saw? Damn right it is. OMG, that is the coolest thing. I can’t wait to try it out.

Next to all the good stuff already revealed, Halo lore fans should mark their calendars on September 6th. 343’s ‚Mythos: A Guide to the Story of Halo‘ will be released on that date.


And on September 20th another long awaited lore book will release. Halo: Fractures features several short stories from authors such as Troy Denning or Joseph Staten.

September please come! And bring some cold with you. It’s so hot here in Germany 🙂

Giving up on collecting Halo

I have been collecting Halo merchandise for 3 years now. At first I opened up the boxes of my figures because I didn’t feel it made sense to have them sitting in their boxes. But as I got more and more figures somehow it felt wrong to open them. Especially with the rare ones. Cortana F

I am the biggest fan of the Joyride figures. And yes I know they are huge compared to the McFarlanes and now the Mattel ones. The boxes are gigantic. But that makes them so special to me. They are old school. No company would ever do figures like these any more. I am sure of it. The very first Joyride figure in our household was actually the black Master Chief from Halo CE Series 5. My bf had bought it and back then I didn’t care for collectibles at all. So I made him open it and I still regret it to this day. How could I have been so blind?

Well, I have gathered quite some items in the last 3 years and Joyride figures have always been my favorites. A couple of month ago I decided to give up collecting all Halo figures and to start focusing only on Exclusives and to complete my Joyride collection.

There is simply not enough space to fit all of it. On top of that I really like completion. I would never ever have that satisfying feeling of completion if I would continue to collect every figure.

I still have a few figures left and I really enjoy looking for them.