Girls Love Halo – Interview with Ariana

The third Girls Love Halo Interview is here. Yay!

This time I’ve asked Ariana aka. Lady Archangel to answer my 10 questions. Ariana is a big time Halo fan and overall a wonderful person. She’s a true gamer. Her favorite game is the Mass Effect series and she has a major crush on Garrus. She streams on Twitch and I highly recommend you check her out because she is so funny: Ariana on Twitch. So without further ado here is the Interview.

1. When did you start playing Halo?

I have been playing Halo since the very beginning, when Combat Evolved was released in 2001. I had a very close relationship with my cousin Anthony, who opened up the world of video games to me. I was always at his house playing with his N64, PS2, Gameboys, etc. He received an Xbox as an early Christmas gift, along with Halo. From that moment, I was immediately drawn to the game, especially Master Chief. I watched my cousin beat the entire campaign on Legendary in less than a day, and then he started showing me how to play, and ran through a second campaign with me. From then on, I have been absolutely in love with the entire series, and it was a huge part of my childhood growing up!

2. If you could choose to be one character of the Halo universe, who would you be?

Commander Sarah Palmer, in a heartbeat. She was in couple of cutscenes from the Halo 4 & Spartan Ops campaign, but even in those short moments, I was immediately drawn to her. I am all about women empowerment, and I honestly feel like there is nothing more bad ass than seeing a strong woman in charge who knows how to get the job done. She reminded me a lot of my FemShep character from Mass Effect (my other favorite game. Ever.), where you worked your ass off to get where you’re at. To be able to lead a team as well as have full respect from your team takes dedication.

3. Do you have a favorite Halo quote?

My favorite quotes from Halo over the years were honestly the small dialogue conversations that the Marines and Covenant would say to each other. I remember playing Combat Evolved as a kid with my sister, and on the Pillar of Autumn campaign where you have to escape the ship, we came across a startled grunt in a dark hallway who yelled, „Fuck you!“ before we shot him in the head. My sister and I pay attention to very close detail in dialogue of our favorite shows and games, so we always pick up the little things that people usually wouldn’t pay attention to. I felt the small dialogues were always the funniest, and even now, being at 23 years old, that little potty-mouthed grunt has still stuck with me. BUT. If I had to choose an actual quote, it would probably be from the Halo 2 campaign, where they came across a message that kept repeating ‚Regret‘. „- Dear humanity, we regret being alien bastards, we regret coming to Earth, and we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!“ Johnson is easily one of my favorite characters!

4. What do you love most about Halo?

As cliche as it sounds, Master Chief is honestly what I love about the entire franchise. I grew up on the series, and as a young child, to me, he was a superhero. The good guy going into action and doing everything possible to defeat the bad guys. He knows how to get things done, and won’t take no for an answer if he feels in his heart that it’s the best option. I remember when the Forward Unto Dawn movie first came out, I watched it over a million times. To see a real-life Master Chief in action was literally all of my childhood dreams coming true. Even now, as a grown adult, Chief brings out the little kid in me who still looks up to him and idolizes him as a superhero.

5. What do you hate most about Halo?

In all honesty, I was really upset when Bungie cut ties with the series. I was extremely disappointed in the Halo 4 campaign, where everything just felt too repetitive for me as far as gameplay goes. I know change is good, but sometimes things are fine just the way they are. Halo 5 wasn’t any better. The campaign seemed more about Locke than Chief, and the little changes 343 Industries did as far as removing split-screen campaign and multiplayer options was a huge low blow. It was the first Halo game my sister and I weren’t able to play with together. They seem so focused on the multiplayer aspect of the game, that they tend to not focus as much on the campaign, which is honestly, to me, the best thing about the entire series.

6. How would you rate your skills in Halo? (1-10)

I am a huuuuuuuuuuge campaign-type player, and will play for hours on end in order to soak up every detail of the story being told, which is why I usually player on the lower difficulty settings. Halo 4 is the only campaign I’ve done on Legendary, everything else has been on either Normal/Heroic. As far as multiplayer goes, my favorite game-type is SWAT and I can easily rank my skills at a 9-10. Just saying. 😉

7. What is your favorite Halo game?

Halo 2, hands down. I played the campaign on Halo 2 the most out of any other Halo game. Halo Reach would definitely be my second favorite game in the series.

8. Which do you prefer? Campaign or multiplayer?

Always the campaign! I usually won’t touch multiplayer unless I have all of my friends on who are all playing at the same time.

9. Which games besides Halo do you play?

The only games I don’t really play are sports games and MMORPGs. Aside from that, I play a bit of everything, but I love games that have long-lasting impressions as far as the campaigns go. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love, adore, and idolize Mass Effect. I have played through the trilogy over 100 times, and it’s the inspiration behind my social media name (Lady Archangel). Favorite campaign games would be Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock Infinite, LA Noire, to name a few at the top of my head. (Currently typing this interview on my lunch break!)

10. If you had to endure one level of any Halo game in real life, which one would it be and why?

It was one of the beginning missions in Halo 2, where Chief and all the marines were dropping down in metal containers before they popped out and completely decimated the Covenant in the area. That mission/cutscene sticks out to me the most, and I would love to be able to feel the adrenaline rush of being able to drop thousands of feet from the sky at such a high speed.


Thank you Ariana!