Saint’s Testimony eBook by Frank O’Connor 

I have to admit I just saw this. I’m having trouble keeping up with all the Halo content coming out lately. This mom business is serious 🙂

But I’m really looking forward to reading this digital short story by Frank O’Connor. The topic is extremely interesting, especially when considering Cortanas fate. This whole Rampancy thing and the idea of an AI who is human enough to wanna fight for her life, is just really fascinating. The main character and AI Iona was previously seen in Halo: Blood Line, a book which I haven’t read so far. If only they would print a real book in the future. That would make me happy.


Quelle: Saint’s Testimony eBook by Frank O’Connor | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Gamescom 2015


I live in Cologne and therefor I have always had the pleasure to attend Gamescom. It has been here since 2009. Before that it was held in Leipzig, in east Germany. This year will be different though. My daughter was born in May. She is now 2 month old and makes me incredibly happy. So this year our plan was to attend Gamescom with our Baby girl. But…we can’t. Children under 3 years are not allowed inside the convention. Regardless we will try to at least go for 2 hours while my parents watch our girl. I need to play Warzone!

There will also be another Halo Gamescom Invitational tournament. Among several European teams like Supremacy or Epsilon Esports, the guys from OpTic Gaming will be there as well. You can tune in on Twitch to watch it.

And finally Xbox has organized a FanFest for the first time before the official start of Gamescom. I have been invited and I’ll swing by the Showcase on Tuesday evening. I’ll let you guys know what happened there.